Subro Sessions

Subro Sessions: The Subrogation Department proudly presents our podcast, Subro Sessions. This podcast provides insights into the world of subrogation.

  • Part 1: Subrogor Problems - Handling Claims Involving an Uncooperative or Difficult Insured
    5.16.23 | Hosted by Matthew I. Ferrie, Gus Sara, Lian Skaf

    Listen to the newest episode of the Subro Sessions #podcast where we launch a new series: “Subro Trauma Center - Discussions on Common Issues that Arise in Subrogation Claims and How to Address Them,” hosted by Gus Sara, Lian Skaf and Matthew I. Ferrie. The series analyzes common symptoms of subrogation claims, diagnoses potential problems and discusses how to treat the symptoms or problems to secure a recovery.

The Employment Law Counselor Podcast

The Employment Law Counselor Podcast: The Labor and Employment Group presents their podcast featuring practical discussions of the maze and minefield of labor and employment laws.

  • Wage Claims Are On The Rise, But Are They Covered?
    4.26.23 | Hosted by Jeffrey S. Stewart, Ryan T. Warden

    Listen now to hear the newest episode of The Employment Law Counselor, Hosted by Jeff Stewart in collaboration with the Professional Liability Underwriting Society. Partner Ryan Warden joins Jeff to discuss the recent explosion in wage and hour claims over the past few years in this week’s episode titled “Wage Claims Are On The Rise, But Are They Covered?” Jeff and Ryan cover common issues, including minimum wage violations, unpaid overtime claims and wage and hour class actions.

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