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The Implications of Cross-Border Discovery on Cybersecurity and Privacy Compliance

2017 Philadelphia Bench-Bar Annual Conference (Atlantic City, NJ) | October 13, 2017

Electronic discovery intersects with privacy and cybersecurity whenever parties engage in the exchange, transfer and processing of sensitive information. This session will focus on the potentially conflicting obligations that can arise among litigation, cybersecurity and privacy compliance.

Linda Perkins, Counsel in the Cyber Law and Data Protection Group, joins a panel that will explore the intersection of converging domestic and international data obligations, a lawyer’s ethical responsibilities in cybersecurity and data privacy, and its effect on U.S.-based litigation. The panel will also discuss the current political landscape (i.e. the alleged nation-state cyber attack by Russia to influence the U.S. election and other international cyber threats) and how those attacks take shape and, in many instances, change our view of cybersecurity and data privacy, as well as how to best address this growing international problem.


  • Jordan L. Fischer, Esq. (Moderator) | XPAN Law Group
  • Linda D. Perkins, Esq.  | White and Williams LLP
  • Rebecca Rakoski, Esq. | XPAN Law Group
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