White and Williams Secures Summary Judgment in Involuntary Bankruptcy Dispute


The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania granted summary judgment in favor of firm client Ashland Funding, LLC and its co-defendants against National Medical Imaging, LLC and National Medical Imaging Holding Company, LLC (collectively, NMI). NMI, which at one time operated more than 20 MRI centers, sought compensatory damages of nearly $30 million plus punitive damages, alleging that involuntary bankruptcy petitions filed by the defendants destroyed NMI's business. 

Ashland and the other defendants argued that factors independent of the involuntary bankruptcy caused NMI's financial difficulties and that NMI's damages were purely speculative. Acknowledging the "overwhleming" evidence that NMI was already closing prior to the involuntary bankruptcy, the judge agreed with defendants that neither compensatory nor punitive damages were warranted. 

Amy Vulpio led White and Williams' representation of Ashland Funding with the assistance of Siobhan Cole.


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