Open Court: Return of In-Person Jury Trials in Philadelphia and Resolving Cases During COVID-19


In-person civil jury trials in Philadelphia County are now taking place and the impact on case resolution is wide reaching. An esteemed panel of judges, mediators and lawyers from both sides of the aisle will discuss the resumption of jury trials from multiple perspectives – from the impact on the insurance industry to the courts to alternative dispute resolution and jurors. 

While this 90-minute program will focus on Philadelphia County, the discussion will be insightful and informative, regardless of jurisdiction. 

The Honorable Daniel Anders, Supervising Judge of the Trial (Civil) Division, will provide the trial court’s perspective, including the implementation of protocols and guidelines for conducting in-person jury trials in Philadelphia during the pandemic. Judge Lisa Rau (Ret.) will discuss the use of virtual platforms and the impact of jury trial resumption on mediation and ADR.

The program will examine the impact on the insurance industry with respect to case resolution, pending cases awaiting trial, and how the pandemic may affect jury panels. Defense and plaintiff’s trial bar representatives will also discuss what the resumption of jury trials means for attorneys and how they are advising clients. 


  • Discuss the expected impact on the insurance industry (both primary and excess), including attitudes of jurors post-pandemic.
  • Provide insight into virtual forms of alternative dispute resolution, including binding high-low arbitrations, bench trials, and mediations, and the effectiveness and cost-savings associated with these emerging forms of case resolution.
  • Discuss the overall inventory of cases that were disrupted by the pandemic and the challenges surrounding pending case resolution.
  • Discuss the plaintiff and defense trial bars’ perspectives on the challenges and opportunities presented by the resumption of jury trials.
  • The Honorable Daniel Anders, Supervising Judge of the Trial Division-Civil Section, Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas
  • Ana Watson, Esq., Member, Clark Hill PLC
  • The Honorable Lisa M. Rau (Ret.), Resonate Mediation and Arbitration LLC
  • Daniel Ferhat, Esq., President, Philadelphia Association of Defense Counsel and Partner, White and Williams LLP
  • Daniel Jeck, Esq., President, Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association and Partner, Eisenberg, Rothweiler, Winkler, Eisenberg & Jeck, P.C.



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