Negotiating and Drafting License Agreements

It is much more cost-effective to craft a sound intellectual property license agreement up front, having key terms as well-defined as possible, than it is to fix the problem through arbitration or litigation. Randy Friedberg shares his checklist for ensuring that the integral parts of a license agreement are thoroughly covered. Randy covers the fundamental provisions of the license agreement, while providing real world examples and insights on skillful drafting techniques. He then reviews the standard, but important, boilerplate sections that should always be included in each agreement.  Randy entertains through his humor and celebrity client war stories, and provides contract and intellectual property practitioners with great insights into understanding licensing agreements.

 Learning Objectives:

  • What to do before drafting a license agreement
  • Fundamental provisions of a licensing agreement
  • Use of derivative works, audits and warranties
  • Boilerplate sections used in licensing agreement 


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