LGBTQ Rights: Precedent Can Be Personal

PBA Diversity Team Webcast

The impact was profound for everyone: LGBTQ+, straight and cisgender. Their cases made them famous: 

  • John Geddes Lawrence Jr. & Tyron Garner
  • Michael Hardick
  • Edith Windsor
  • James Obergefell
  • Gerald Bostock
  • Aimee Stephens
  • Donald Zarda

In this panel, Nancy Conrad, Chair of the Pennsylvania Bar Association (PBA) Diversity Team, along with members of the profession will discuss the significance of those cases (and other developments) for the rights, and the lives, of the many LGBTQ+ people whose names aren't listed above during the "LGBTQ Rights: Precedent Can Be Personal" webcast presented by the PBA Diversity Team.

Designed to foster a genuine, sustainable diverse and inclusive environment within the PBA and throughout its membership, the PBA Diversity Team has established resources and forums for enhanced communication among PBA groups with diversity initiatives. The Diversity Team is committed to working collaboratively to promote and enhance existing diversity initiatives and/or assist with creating new opportunities.


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