IMN Borrower & Investor Forum: Mezzanine Originator Panel

IMN Borrower & Investor Forum (New York, NY)

Tim Davis will moderate the panel "Mezzanine Originator Panel" at the IMN Borrower & Investor Forum on Real Estate Mezzanine Financing & Subordinated Debt held on November 1, 2016. White and Williams is a returning sponsor of the event.

The two-day conference brings property owners, developers and the lending community together to discuss strategies for sourcing and arranging financing from both perspectives. It also address the latest investment strategies for real estate mezzanine/sub-debt finance investors.

Tim's program will address questions, such as:

  • To what degree is the climate of the mezzanine finance industry changing? Where does the industry stand from a risk-reward perspective? Is there a flight to yield? Does the risk retention regulation create a new world of opportunity for mezz lenders?
  • As yields continue to shrink are you looking at other investments, e.g. B Pieces? How does mezz compare to B Pieces in terms of risk and relative return? How are your investors viewing this?
  • How are mezz market parameters changing? Asset class preferences? What are the structural features that are evolving? Are there any structural differences in the mezz landscape from the pre-economic crash to today?
  • Given the view that we are late in the cycle, are you looking to ratchet down leverage?  Do we expect supply for mezz/sub debt products to go up, go down or remain constant?
  • Are you capitalizing on the Wall of Maturities? If so how? If not, why not?
  • As core markets have primarily run their course, where are today’s best market opportunities, both domestically and internationally?
  • Can we expect meaningful changes to the mezzanine/sub debt market as it relates to gateway and secondary/tertiary markets?

Ravi Anand, First Vice President, CIM Group
Mark Witt, Managing Director, Pearlmark Real Estate Partners
Dan Mee, Executive Director, Tremont Realty Capital

Additional information is available here


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