Electronic Information in Criminal Investigations & Proceedings

New York State Bar Association (New York, NY)

Volumes and varieties of electronic information seem to grow exponentially. Unsurprisingly, electronic information is now a common feature in the commission, investigation, and prosecution of crimes. Electronic information raises issues involving the Warrant and Particularity requirements of the Fourth Amendment and corresponding protections under New York law. Compelling access to encrypted electronic information raises issues of self-incrimination under the Fifth Amendment.

Jay Shapiro, Co-Chair of the Cyber Law and Data Protection Group, will participate in a panel discussion regarding how electronic information leads to disputes about preservation and spoliation by law enforcement and “cooperation” during discovery, admissibility, as well as competence of counsel under the Sixth Amendment.

  • Ronald J. Hedges, Esq., Denton's LLP
  • Mark A. Berman, Esq. | Ganfer, Shore Leeds & Zauderer, LLP
  • Jay Shapiro, Esq. | White and Willimas LLP
  • Elizabeth J. Roper, Esq. | New York County District Attorney's Office
  • Emma M. Greenwood, Esq. | Greenwood Law Group, PLLC
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