Color By Numbers: Art Law 101

Lawline Webinar

“Art law” encompasses a complex and interdisciplinary body of law that governs the creation, protection, ownership, licensing, transport, insuring and sale of art. While some art specific laws exist, the practice of art law frequently involves the application of multiple areas of law to the relationships, rights, transactions and disputes among artist and other art participants.

Randy Friedberg, Partner in the Intellectual Property Group, provides an introduction to this complex area of law with emphasis on issues such as intellectual property rights in art, moral and economic rights, agreements for the transfer and commission of artwork, and licensing agreements for artworks.

Learning Objectives:

  • Examine the application of copyright law to artwork including fair use
  • Discuss moral rights, in particular the Visual Artist Rights Act
  • Comprehend the intersection between trademark law and artwork
  • Consider key issues when drafting agreements for licensing or commission of artworks    


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