Civil Human Trafficking Lawsuits: A Growing Risk for Insurance

AIRROC Summer Membership Meeting 2022

AIRROC is hosting their Summer Membership Meeting for 2022 in New York City on July 20-21, 2022. Partner Marc Penchansky will be speaking on the education day, July 21 on Civil Human Trafficking Lawsuits: A Growing Risk for Insurance. Marc has previously written on this topic for the Coverage Reporter

Around the world, an estimated 24.9 million people are victims of sex and labor
trafficking. Human trafficking is a long-standing, worldwide problem and one
that increasingly has insurance implications for certain US industries. These
industries include most visibly hotels and motels, as well as businesses that
engage with foreign supply chains. Many of these insurance implications grow
out of the impact of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA), which allows
civil lawsuits against entities that benefit from human trafficking enterprises
even if they have not engaged in trafficking themselves. What is the impact of the
TVPA’s civil liability provisions on general liability insurers and insureds?

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