Protecting Copyrights on the Internet: Latest Approaches and Developments

Navigating Fair Use, Infringement Claims, DMCA Safe Harbor and Secondary Liability Issues
Strafford CLE Webinar

The internet is a continually evolving testing ground for new methods of copyright protection and novel theories of infringement. Examples include:

  • Unprecedented theories of secondary liability that seek to hold banks, credit card companies, advertisers, and search engines liable for copyright infringement--even when the underlying infringement is due to user-generated or unrelated third-party content.
  • Battles over the meaning of "display" under 17 USC Sec. 106 in the internet context.
  • Fair use as a doctrine, an affirmative defense, or a substantive limit on the scope of a copyright holder's right to exclude.
  • Technological solutions to copyright infringement and digital rights management.

Partner Randy Friedberg serves on a panel of experienced IP attorneys guiding you through the latest developments in policing and preventing copyright infringement on the internet. The panel will examine recent court rulings, the tools available to monitor copyrights, fair use defenses, the DMCA safe harbor, and the scope and limitations of copyright protection on the internet.

The panel will review these and other high profile questions:

  • What can copyright owners do to prevent infringement of their IP rights on the internet?
  • What new tools are available for copyright owners to protect their rights?
  • What are the best practices for copyright owners facing defenses based on the DMCA or Communications Decency Act safe harbors?

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