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WHYY Studios (Philadelphia, PA)

White and Williams presents MEDx Talks, a series of high-level presentations on cutting edge topics impacting the healthcare industry. Designed to provide insights into some of today’s biggest issues and innovations, MEDx Talks will present thought provoking presentations in a half-day program. Whether you are a risk manager, in-house counsel, C-Suite executive or other administrator, medical professional, investor or someone who wants to stay in the know, you don’t want to miss this program!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
8:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Continental breakfast and lunch will be served. 
WHYY | Independence Mall West | 150 N. 6th Street | Philadelphia, PA 19106


8:00 AM - Registration and Breakfast 

9:00 AM - Welcome and Introductions

9:15 AM - "Doc, You’re Addicted (to prescribing): Going Opioid Free in the ED"
Mark Rosenberg, DO, MBA, FACEP | Chair of Emergency Medicine, St. Joseph's Healthcare System

With the simple click of a mouse, an emergency medicine physician can order powerful, addictive medications to relieve a patient’s pain. Opioids provide these physicians with an easy, fast and effective way of treating even the most severe types of pain and they have come to use them essentially automatically. The after-effects of this go-to, addict-like prescribing have contributed to the ever growing opioid epidemic in America. Dr. Mark Rosenberg, who is working to break the prescription addiction for both providers and patients, will discuss how his ED has become an (almost) Opioid-Free ED.

9:35 AM - "Medical Marijuana: Managing Expectations and Current Realities"
Charles V. Pollack, Jr., MA, MD, FACEP, FAAEM, FAHA, FESC, FCPP | Thomas Jefferson University

Thomas Jefferson University is the first major health sciences university in the United States to provide a comprehensive academic resource for the medical applications of Cannabis derivatives. Focusing on education, research, and business and social impact, the Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp is a global leader in the evidence-based study of therapeutic use of cannabinoids. Dr. Charles Pollack will explain the Center’s role in spearheading research on the effectiveness of medical marijuana and discuss whether it may be, among other uses, an effective tool to help battle the opioid epidemic.

9:55 AM - "Patient Care of Constitutional Proportions: Exposure to Civil Rights Litigation"
Kim Kocher, Esq. | Partner, White and Williams LLP

In this mini MEDx Talk, Kim Kocher will provide an overview of circumstances involving law enforcement or other authorities where the private healthcare provider may become subject to constitutional mandates. 


10:30 AM - "The Check is in the Mail – No Really it is!"
Dr. Greg Burke | Chief Patient Experience Officer, Geisinger Health System

Geisinger Health System’s groundbreaking ProvenExperience™ program, which offers refunds of out-of-pocket costs to patients when their expectations of kindness and compassion are not met, has been in effect for well over a year. Learn from Dr. Greg Burke how the program was started, the theories behind it, the reaction and lessons learned.

10:50AM - "Transcending Gender in Modern Healthcare"
Sarah E. Smith, PA-C, MHS, AAHIVs | Administrative Director, Jonathan Lax Treatment Center

Transgender and gender non-conforming patients face a number of unique obstacles when seeking medical care, which can drive individuals away from the healthcare system. Providers and healthcare institutions caring for these patients are also faced with related challenges. Sarah Smith, the Administrative Director at Philadelphia FIGHT, a community health services organization for people living with HIV/AIDS, will discuss these issues, their impact and possible ways to address related concerns.

11:10 AM - "Evolution or Revolution: How Technology Partnerships Drive Value Based Care"
Lori Smith, Esq. | Partner, White and Williams LLP
Ryan Udell, Esq. | Partner, White and Williams LLP

Innovative technologies and use of big data are key to the healthcare industry achieving the “triple aim” and moving from a fee-for-service to a fee-for-value model. Technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, drones, and the internet of things are aiding in precision medicine, population health management and improvements in delivery of care and care coordination. Hear about some recent partnerships between payers, providers and technology companies designed to integrate emerging technologies into their business models and operations and learn about best practices for structuring, implementing and mitigating risks relating to such strategic relationships.


11:45 AM - "Could a Fitbit Save Your Life?"
Dr. Vivek V. Sailam | Cardiologist, Lourdes Medical Associates 

Are you wearing a Fitbit? A “wearable” technology, like a Fitbit, is designed to track personal activity and assist with daily health maintenance. Under the right circumstances, it could even help save your life! Fitbit was more than a personal activity tracker for one man who presented to the ED with seizure symptoms. It provided critical information that allowed his doctors to successfully treat his condition. Dr. Vivek Sailam will explain firsthand how a Fitbit helped save a patient’s life, and the role that these devices could play in providing patient care.

12:05 PM - "Crisis Communications in an Attention Deficit Age"
Christopher J. Lukach, APR | President, Anne Klein Communications Group, LLC

Today's healthcare communicators face an epidemic of shrinking attention spans. This reality makes both social and traditional media hotbeds for reputational crises. Learn from Chris Lukach best practices in preparing for (and responding to) public relations crises in today's insatiable, complex and nuanced world.

12:20 PM - "To Err is Human, to Admit is Divine: Public Disclosure of Medical Errors"
Karen Fiumara, PharmD, BCPS | Director of Patient Safety, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Brigham and Women’s Hospital has taken transparency to a whole new level with its Safety Matters blog, which posts medical errors and near misses that occurred within its walls. The Quality and Safety Department has posted about a surgical team's breakdown in communication which led to a secondary burn, prescription price-checking which resulted in a dangerous combination of medications, and other problems which have resulted in harm. Karen Fiumara will explain the how and why Brigham and Women’s made the bold decision to make their mistakes public, how the blog works, and the response they have received. 

12:40 PM - Lunch

Guests are invited to tour the WHYY Studios after lunch. 


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