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Nancy Conrad - Women's 5k Classic

Nancy Conrad is Managing Partner of the Lehigh Valley Office and Chair of the Higher Education Group. Her bio is available here

Women's 5K Classic

The Women's 5K Classic is an all-volunteer organization that started in 1993 and is the largest all-female 5K in Pennsylvania. The W5K raises funds for research and programs that support breast cancer and women’s fitness in the Lehigh Valley. 

As a leader in the organization, I wanted to run the 5K. To train for the run, I joined a women’s running program and began to run with a diverse group of women several times a week. After successfully completing the 5K, we continued to meet and, over time, we became friends. During our mid-run conversations, we learned about each other’s personal and professional lives.

Based on our running (and conversations), one of the women asked if I would meet with her good friend, a CFO at a local college, who wasn’t satisfied with their current counsel. This referral from my personal connection led to a productive meeting with the CFO and I was retained by the college. Today, that college is one of my largest clients. You never know where you might acquire new business. 

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