The Changing EPLI Landscape for 2022 and Beyond

PLUS Webinar

Laura Corvo and Jeff Stewart will cover key topics that are anticipated to be at the forefront of employment law issues not only this year, but for years to come.

Pay Equity continues to be a major area of concern for employers in 2022. With an increase in government enforcement actions and state legislation focusing on pay transparency, it’s more important than ever for employers to sharpen their focus on pay equity. By understanding the current legal requirements and taking proactive measures to achieve pay equity, employers can create a fairer, more desirable workplace and potentially mitigate claims for pay equity related violations.

For years, Arbitration Agreements were encouraged as a more efficient and cost-effective way to handle disputes. Some of these agreements have been invalidated, in whole or in part, by recent laws, which will likely have the effect of more costly litigation. Employers should keep abreast of the changing landscape of arbitration agreement to ensure whether their agreements will be enforceable before the need to enforce the agreement arises.

Remote and Hybrid Office Environments have become more common and popular for many industries since the COVID-19 pandemic. Without a doubt, many employees are not returning to the same workplace they left in early 2020. With this new work environment comes new challenges for employers to navigate. Whether dealing with increased employee request under the ADA, updating employee handbooks to reflect requirements or dealing with on/off the clock timekeeping issues for non-exempt employees, employers should pay attention to the nuances of the "new" workforce.

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