Bridge Loans: What Opportunities Does this Market Hold for Lenders/Borrowers in 2016?

IMN Borrower & Investor Forum (New York, NY)

Tim Davis will moderate the panel "Bridge Loans: What Opportunities Does this Market Hold for Lenders/Borrowers in 2016", at the IMN Borrower & Investor Forum on Real Estate Mezzanine Financing & Subordinated Debt held on November 10, 2015. White and Williams is a returning sponsor of the event.

The two-day conference brings property owners, developers and the lending community together to discuss strategies for sourcing and arranging financing from both perspectives. It also address the latest investment strategies for real estate mezzanine/sub-debt finance investors.

Tim's program will address questions, such as:

  • In what situations do bridge loans make sense for borrowers? When do they not? How does the cost of bridge capital compare to other sources of finance for borrowers?

  • How much bridge capital is available today? Who are the new lenders entering the market? Any notable trends in their business models?

  • With so much competition amongst lenders, is it a borrowers’ market? What are common terms/leverage/rates? How is deal flow? Any notable changes in deal structure? Open vs. closed loans?

  • How are you underwriting at this point in the cycle and against the backdrop of rising interest rates? Have you loosened your underwriting criteria in the hunt for yield? What yields are you chasing?

  • What deal size is your sweet spot? Which asset classes do you favor? Are you willing to be more broad-based in the current market? What locations/markets will you/will you not consider? What is your risk tolerance today?

  • When a deal goes sour…. 

Robert Masters, Senior Vice President, Senior Legal Counsel, Corporate Secretary, Chief Compliance Officer, Acadia Realty Trust
Michael Merola, General Counsel, The Continuum Company
William Skelley, Founder and CEO, iFunding

Additional information is available here


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