Telehealth and Medical Liability

By: Michael W. Horner, Stephen J. Milewski and Joshua E. Gajer
MDedge Med Tech Report

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the rapid uptake of telehealth nationwide in primary care and specialty practices. Over the last few months many practices have actually performed more telehealth visits than traditional in-person visits. The use of telehealth, which had been increasing slowly for the last few years, accelerated rapidly during the pandemic. Long term, telehealth has the potential to increase access to primary care and specialists, and make follow-up easier for many patients, changing how healthcare is delivered to millions of patients throughout the world. However, as telehealth becomes more commonplace, healthcare professionals should understand its impact on their liability and how its viewed in the legal arena.

Healthcare attorneys Mike Horner, Steve Milewski and Josh Gajer, along with Dr. Neil Skolink of Jefferson Health, discuss both the liability and legal aspects in their article "Telehealth and Medical Liability."*

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