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White and Williams Invests in Community by Adopting a Local Public School

February 22, 2012

White and Williams LLP is giving back and investing in its community by adopting J.R. Masterman School. By “adopting” Masterman, the firm and its employees will invest time, finances and resources to the 1,150 students currently enrolled at the school.

“Philadelphia schools are facing sharp declines in funding forcing local schools to reduce staff and services,” said Guy Cellucci, Managing Partner of White and Williams. “Masterman’s proximity being only eight blocks away will allow us to get personally involved with the school. It’s a great feeling knowing that this ‘adoption’ will allow a successful area school to continue to inspire and educate its students.”

Marjorie Neff, Principal of Masterman High School adds, “Masterman has a great track record and White and Williams is helping to ensure the school continues on a thriving path. We are proud to have White and Williams as our ‘foster parent.’”

White and Williams and Masterman will kick off the adoption on March 2, 2012 at 2:30pm with a $10,000 check presentation for staff grants - the first of many donations of cash, resources and employee time from the firm. This first check will allow faculty members to purchase supplies needed to teach their students.

Members of the firm will also be on hand to unveil some of the key initiatives White and Williams has in store for students and faculty, including support of the school play, partaking in the school’s annual “Clean up Day,” and college scholarships for three students – one minority, one female and one commendable student.

Additionally, there will be numerous mini activities scheduled throughout the year including mentoring days and participation in the school’s Career Day.

Parents like Valerie Yoder whose two sons attend two different Philadelphia public schools says, "'s a little disturbing to see how little [our] urban schools have in comparison [to suburban schools]. You might be surprised to see how kids are cramped into their ancient classrooms without smart boards or air conditioning."

After learning of the adoption, she praised, "I think it's wonderful that White and Williams is investing in our kids and our futures. I hope other corporations follow their lead to adopt a school in the Philadelphia School District."

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