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Josh Mooney to Chair New PA Bar Association Committee Focusing on Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

March 19, 2018

Cybersecurity and data privacy threats are daily critical business concerns in virtually every industry and with every client, large and small. With no overarching governing laws or standards, clients (and law firms, too) must navigate a patchwork of statutes, regulations and agency “guidance” reports — often industry-specific to comply with data protection and data privacy requirements. Furthermore, with ever-evolving cybersecurity threats, lawyers must keep constant watch for new risks and legislation and to anticipate new legal expectations.

In response, the Pennsylvania Bar Association has created the Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Committee to help Pennsylvania lawyers advise clients in cybersecurity and data privacy risks and requirements. It will also help lawyers address their own law firms’ cybersecurity needs and requirements to adequately protect their clients’ information.

Josh Mooney, Co-Chair of the firm's Cyber Law and Data Protection Group, will chair of the new committee. The idea for the committee grew out of discussions with Chuck Eppolito, PBA president-elect and also a partner at White and Williams. “We thought a committee focused on data protection and privacy will provide a valuable service to the PBA and its members,” Mooney said. “It’s a critical area, and the law is growing fast. Federal agencies and state governments are recognizing the importance of cybersecurity." 

Read the full article originally published in the March 19, 2018 issue of Pennsylvania Bar News

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