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Andrew Susko Raises Awareness of Unmet Civil Legal Service Needs in Pennsylvania

May 8, 2013

Andrew Susko, Partner and Chair of the Litigation Practice Group, testified on May 7 at a Pennsylvania Senate Judiciary Committee Public Hearing to raise awareness of the current state and scope of unmet civil legal service needs of low income Pennsylvanians.

Susko testified that due to the economic downturn, the Civil Justice Gap is widening, as more people are living in poverty and in need of legal services while resources are cut and the capacity of legal services programs to meet this increased need is greatly diminished.

“[T]he total economic impact of civil legal assistance in 2011 to Pennsylvania's low-income individuals and families was $594 million, representing a greater than eleven fold return on the investment of $53.6 million from all funding sources,” said Susko to the Committee while expressing that the benefit of civil legal assistance to Pennsylvania’s economy is great and worth funding.

Susko testified as Chair of the Pennsylvania Interest on Lawyers' Trust Accounts (IOLTA) Board a non-profit organization charged with disbursing and administering funds generated through legislative enactment, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and a variety of other sources. IOLTA makes grants to legal service providers dedicated to providing civil legal assistance to low income and indigent Pennsylvanians.

Susko’s complete testimony can be found here.  

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