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What is a Cybersecurity Attorney and Why Should You Have One?

Clear Law Institute Webinar | July 10, 2017

Legal departments have traditionally considered protection of information and systems as the responsibility of the IT and Information Security Departments. In this webinar, Rick Borden, Chief Privacy Officer and Partner in the Cyber Law and Data Protection Group, discusses the role of a cybersecurity attorney and why companies need one. You’ll learn how lawyers trained in technology and cybersecurity can help companies achieve better protection, mitigate risk, and more effectively report on overall cybersecurity risk. Among other things, you’ll learn answers to the following questions:

  • What skills do cybersecurity attorneys have?
  • How do cybersecurity attorneys work with IT and other lawyers?
  • How do cybersecurity attorneys work with privacy organizations and other compliance functions?
  • How might cybersecurity attorneys help the business in sales?
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