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The Latest Cybersecurity Initiatives: Regulation, Legislation, Enforcement and Investigations

ACI's 10th National Forum on Insurance Regulation (New York, NY) | July 29, 2015

Bob Ansehl, Chair of the Insurance Transactional and Regulatory Group, speaks at the National Forum on Insurance Regulation. Bob discusses cybersecurity as part of the panel, "The Latest Cybersecurity Initiatives: Regulation, Legislation, Enforcement and Investigations."

Topics of discussion include:

Federal Changes on the Horizon

  • What should your company be thinking about with respect to cybersecurity and compliance?
  • Plans concerning technology and cybersecurity
  • Existing and prospective Congressional action
  • FTC and privacy update

Growing Authority of State AG Offices

  • What a national breach notification law could mean for state regulators
  • Effectively managing compliance

Cyber Risk Insurance

  • Usage based insurance (UBI)
  • General liability policies
  • What policyholders should be looking for in a cyber policy
  • Key considerations for cyber liability coverage
  • Pricing, selling and marketing cyber risk policies
  • New coverage options

Cyber Security

  • Sharing data and information with the government
  • The impact of the President’s Executive Order
  • Information sharing
  • A look at cyber attacks and what can be discerned from a vulnerability standpoint
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