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Carving Up the Giving Tree: Allocation of an Underlying Settlement

2014 ARIASĀ·US Spring Conference (Key Biscayne, FL) | May 7, 2014

Michael S. Olsan presents at the 2014 ARIAS-US Spring Conference. Through the use of a hypothetical fact pattern, Michael and his co-presenter lead a mock arbitration about how the allocation of a settled loss, as shaped by a decision tree, informed a reinsurance presentation. The argument centered around post-settlement allocation law and follow-the-settlements.

The 2014 ARIAS US Spring Conference centers its agenda on "Better Decisions," a theme designed to evaluate and analyze the many ways that ideas are turned into decisions, from selecting counsel and hiring an arbitrator to introducing evidence, dispute resolution and making a final award. 

The AIDA Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Society (ARIAS·US) is a not-for-profit corporation that promotes improvement of the insurance and reinsurance arbitration process for the international and domestic markets. Founded in 1994, ARIAS·U.S. provides initial training and continuing in-depth conferences and workshops in the skills necessary to serve effectively on an insurance/reinsurance arbitration panel. 

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