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The Expanding Universe of Biometric Data: Embrace, Curtail, or Regulate?

Privacy + Security Forum (Virtual Event) | May 6-8, 2020

Between fingerprint scanning, voice print identification, and facial recognition technology, more and more companies are collecting and processing biometric data. While biometric identification provides more security advantages, it raises significant privacy and security concerns. At the same time, government agencies at the federal and local levels are expanding unregulated use of biometric technologies, raising alarm by privacy and civil liberty activists. The panel will explore privacy and data protection issues raised by collection and processing of biometrics in the private and public sectors as well as emerging laws and regulations designed to address these issues.

Panelists include:

  • Debra Bromson, Assistant General Counsel, AAA Club Alliance
  • K Royal, Associate General Counsel, TrustArc
  • Michael Shapiro, Senior Counsel and Director of Data Privacy, Clarip, Inc.
  • Joshua Mooney, Partner, White and Williams

Further to this discussion, click here for is a brief BIPA checklist.

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