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The Changing Legal Structures in Mezzanine Financing

Real Estate Mezzanine Financing Summit (New York, NY) | May 8, 2014

Tim Davis moderates the panel discussion, "The Changing Legal Structures in Mezzanine Financing" at the 5th Real Estate Mezzanine Financing Summit. Discussion points include:

  • Comparison on how drivers have changed between 2007 and today
  • Increasing competition in the environment and lowering of perceived risk
  • Senior lender and the mezzanine lender: varying perspectives in the rating agencies
  • Differences between securitized loans and loans on balance sheets – is leverage creeping back into deals?
  • Trends on increased loan activity: where is it taking place?
  • Percentage of deals using subordinate debt today, and expectations for an increase: how does this impact leverage?
  • Multi-tier and multi-lender structure rivaling many of the other deal structures
  • Disastrous effects documentation issues have on closing a mezzanine deal: perfection, priority, and lost certificates
  • Steadily increasing opportunity set around the country

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