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PFAS: Insurance Issues Arising From a Persistent and Ubiquitous Family of Chemicals

30th Annual ICLC Mid-Year Conference | February 24, 2022—February 26, 2022

PFAS are a class of chemicals that are receiving increased focus from federal and state environmental regulators, as well as from the plaintiffs’ bar. Because PFAS litigation is expected to increase in the future, insurers have already started to include broad PFAS exclusions in their pollution policies. But will that be enough to exclude coverage for all PFAS claims? This panel will provide an introduction to PFAS, PFAS litigation, the coverage issues that might arise related to PFAS, and how brokers are handling PFAS issues when placing coverage.


  • Irving Jones, Attorney, Balch & Bingham LLP, Birmingham, AL


  • Joseph Beavers, Principal, Miles & Stockbridge, Baltimore, MD
  • Gregory S. Capps, Partner, White & Williams, Philadelphia, PA
  • Chris Bunbury eS, President & CEO, Environmental Risk Managers, Inc., Moline, MI

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