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Mini Law School for HR Professionals

National Business Institute (Allentown, PA) | October 5, 2020

As employment-related litigation rates continue to rise, employers must look for ways to proactively protect themselves in a legal manner. Human resource compliance can be one of the most costly and time-consuming aspects for a business; can you streamline the process and prevent unnecessary risk? This program will get you up to speed so you can return to work confident in your abilities. Know the fundamentals of human resources: from hiring to firing and everything in-between.

Counsel George Morrison will present on wage and benefit issues, including:

  • State-Specific Wage and Hour Laws
  • What Qualifies as Overtime?
  • Differences to be Aware of Between "Salaried Exempt" and "Salaried Non-Exempt"
  • Options for Employees Reporting Time Worked
  • Handling Deductions from Wages
  • Leave Policies
  • Part-Time Employees and Temps: Wage and Benefit Obligations
  • Unpaid Internship and Training Programs
  • Benefits: Health Insurance, Flex Spending and Retirement Plans
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