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Live Hacking Demo and Discussion of Cybersecurity Threats and Regulations

New York, NY | January 24, 2018

Are today’s organizations truly equipped to address cyberattacks? As organizations around the world are hacked daily, it's no longer a question of if a hack will occur, but when.

Bryson Bort, Founder & CEO of SCYTHE, will conduct a live hack of an enterprise. Using CROSSBOW, he will demonstrate an adversarial attack campaign: how they are built, deployed, and operated. Learn how an attacker thinks and the tools of the trade.

Following the demo, Bryson will moderate a discussion between Rick Borden of White and Williams and Anurag Sharma of WithumSmith + Brown, who will delve deeper into these issues and more:

  • Emerging trends - which industries and businesses are at risk
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Steps an organization can take to improve its defenses against cyberattacks
  • Cyber risk management standards, including SOC and the cyber framework


9:00 AM: Registration and breakfast
9:30 AM: Hacking Demo
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM: Discussion and Q&A

White and Williams LLP | 7 Times Square, 29th Floor | New York, NY 10036

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