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Limited Liability Companies

National Business Institute, Philadelphia, PA | April 25, 2013

Bill Hussey, Chair of the Tax and Estates Group, presents at the National Business Institute's program, "Limited Liability Companies." During this full-day program, Bill addresses the following topics:

"Fully Using Tax Advantages"

  • Taxation as a Partnership or Corporation
  • Tax Advantages Over Other Entities
  • Election Out of Partnership Status
  • Flexibility in Allocations
  • How Self-Employment Taxes Are Covered
  • "Check the Box" Income Tax Regulations

"Advantageous Uses of LLCs"

  • Using an LLC to Hold Real Property
  • How You Can Hold Tangible Personal Property or Intangible Assets
  • As a Valuation "Freeze" Entity
  • Estate Planning Options
  • Holding Life Insurance Policies in an LLC
  • For Venture Capital Projects and Corporate Joint Ventures

Ethical Issues During LLC Formation

  • Ethical Standards and Civil Liability
  • The Role of the Attorney as Advisor in LLC Formation
  • Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
  • Confidentiality - Information Derived From an Earlier Representation
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