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Life Insurers' and Lenders' Forum on Real Estate Subordinated Debt Origination & Investment

IMN Real Estate Subordinated Debt & Origination & Investment ForumĀ (New York, NY) | November 29, 2011

Tim Davis moderates the "Life Insurance Company Executive Perspective" panel at the IMN Real Estate subordinated Debt Origination & Investment Forum. 

Discussion points include:

  • How big a role does commercial mortgage lending play in your investment portfolio? Do you offer sub-debt? 
  • Recaps vs. new origination
  • Do you expect to increase or decrease real estate investment in 2012?
  • What are your underwriting standards? More or less complex than in the peak years of 2006-2007? 
  • What will you underwrite? Under what terms? What asset classes/geographic regions do you favor? What won’t you touch? How do you view financing structures with mezzanine or preferred equity layers? 
  • What percentage of your portfolio are ‘troubled’ mortgages?
  • Have you sold/do you plan to sell off any loans?
  • What are your predictions for the real estate capital markets and investment opportunities for the next 12 months?
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