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Improving Data Management and Privacy Compliance

RANE Webinar | February 28, 2019

Data governance and compliance with privacy regulations is going to be a major risk issue in 2019. Beyond GDPR, companies will soon need to meet requirements under a wide range of new regulations such as the recently passed California Consumer Privacy Act and the Ohio Cybersecurity Safe Harbor Act, as well as potentially new regulations passed by New York, Vermont, South Carolina, and Iowa. Recent fines under the GDPR signal that noncompliance can lead to stiff penalties and negative publicity.

Better data management is at the heart of these issues – verifying and monitoring authorized access to data in line with compliance policies, procedures, and controls.

The consequences of not adequately managing data access increase risk well beyond breaches – they include sabotage, fraud, compliance violations, and failed audits – and can be particularly acute in the financial services and healthcare sectors.

Partner and Chief Privacy Officer Rick Borden serves on a panel discussing the issues around data management and best practices for implementing data privacy controls and meeting compliance requirements.

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