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How to Mediate a Cyber Dispute

CLM Insurance Conference (New York, NY) | December 12, 2018

As more companies seek the protection of cyber insurance, claim disputes are becoming more and more common. Recently, courts have laid down harsh rulings on cyber coverage claims, which has unsettled many companies. Because of this, companies are beginning to look to mediation as an alternative to litigation to obtain equitable outcomes with respect to their cyber coverage claims.

Josh Mooney, Partner and Co-Chair of the Cyber Law and Data Protection Group, serves on a panel providing valuable insight on the potential benefits of mediating cyber insurance coverage disputes and how to optimize your mediation. The panelists will also discuss the key features of a cyber insurance policy, common pitfalls that policies may contain, and using cyber insurance in the context of a wider risk management strategy.

The discussion will address the following key takeaways related to mediating cyber claims:

  • Cybersecurity risks emerge from external and internal sources and are unique to each organization. Mediating these matters pose a unique set of challenges.
  • Multiple types of cyber claims and litigation can arise in the complex operating environment confronting large and small companies --  business email compromise, data breach, and subrogation. If you are going to mediate these matters, you need to be familiar with each of these types of matters.
  • The cyber risks confronting the insurance industry today are changing quickly and the claims and risks are going to increase in complexity and size. In order to effectively mediate cyber matters you must keep current with the latest trends and case law that impact this area of the law. 

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