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Evolving Trends in Valuation and Transaction Implications for Private Equity Firms in Today's COVID-19 Impacted World

ACG New York | July 20, 2020

Corporate Valuation Advisors, Inc. and Corporate and Securities partner Lori Smith, among others, held a lively and informative discussion featuring valuation, legal and private equity (PE) perspectives. The webinar addressed current valuation trends including recent impacts to valuation procedures, the importance of correctly understanding market adjustments that directly affect valuation results and where the valuation landscape is heading. Presenters also addressed the current state of M&A activity as seen from a legal and PE perspective, discussed the challenges surrounding getting deals closed, the availability of financing, the covenant space, as well as the importance of earn outs and other considerations which affect both buyers and sellers in this rapidly changing environment.

View a recording of the webinar here.

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