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Drafting Effective Wills and Trusts

National Business Institute, Philadelphia, PA | June 5, 2013

Bill Hussey, Chair of the Tax and Estates Group, presents at the National Business Institute's program, "Drafting Effective Wills and Trusts." This full-day program covers the fundamentals of preparing estate-planning documents.

Bill's first discussion, "Fundamental Principles of Will Drafting," addresses:

  • Selecting the Vehicle - Initial Advice to the Client
  • Checklist for Gathering Client Information
  • The Statutory ABCs: What is Required?
  • Methods of Designating Fiduciaries 
  • Disinheritance and No Contest Clauses - Will They Stand?
  • Protective Clauses for Minors, Incompetent Persons and Beneficiaries With Special Needs
  • Building Flexibility Into the Plan - Checklist of Special Provisions
  • Practical Pointers With Sample Forms
  • Developing a Document Preparation System

"Using Living Trusts and Power of Attorney As Estate Planning Tools" covers:

  • Common Elements in Trust Agreements
  • The Revocable Living Trust - Why You Should Use It
  • Disadvantages of Revocable Living Trusts
  • Sample Pour-Over Will and Living Trust Agreements
  • Durable Powers of Attorney
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