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Artificial Intelligence and Authentication: Balancing Security with Privacy

Ai4 Webinar | April 4, 2019

What’s your identity? While it can be a heavy philosophical question, we’re interested in the most literal sense. Who are you and are you the right person to proceed with that action? For medium to large enterprise organizations, authentication requires the timely determination of whether or not a specific individual can access a particular device and then commit a specific action.

As a multi-tiered, time sensitive and data heavy problem, authentication is an ideal area to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). However, with the collection of data and application of AI comes a slew of privacy concerns. Can data be collected in a tokenized fashion, or must security operations inform individuals the data they are collecting and exactly what they plan to do with? The era of GDPR in Europe is quickly influencing U.S. policy, adding a layer of regulatory complexity to an already intricate technical challenge.

Partner and Chief Privacy Officer Rick Borden discusses AI and its impact on cybersecurity in this webinar. Click here for more information and to register

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