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A Comparative Workshop: AIRROC DRP or Traditional Arbitration

Presented by AIRROC, White and Williams LLP and Mayer Brown

New York, NY | September 20, 2016

AIRROC, White and Williams LLP, and Mayer Brown present a workshop comparing the two methods insurance and reinsurance companies can use to settle disputes: AIRROC's Dispute Resolution Procedure (DRP) and the traditional arbitration proceeding. Presented via the use of "actors" both in a live format as well as with recorded video footage - a hypothetical dispute will be presented, examined, and resolved.   

With the use of a hypothetical, videos, interactive sessions and panel discussions, participants will learn strategic ways to resolve differences with counterparties.  


  • Learn how AIRROC's streamlined process is different from a "traditional" arbitration
  • Find out ways to expedite settlements of small dollar disputes
  • Learn how to strategize with outside firms to realize a savings on dispute costs
  • Fine tune your negotiation techniques
  • Interact with other AIRROC members

Faculty includes representatives from:

  • AIG -- Bill Goldsmith, Associate General Counsel, Reinsurance
  • Allstate -- Marty Cillick, Senior Attorney
  • AXIS Insurance -- Ann Brandt, Senior Reinsurance Analyst 
  • Brandywine Group of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies -- Peter Scarpato, VP - Ceded Reinsurance
  • HDDRe Strategies LLC -- Howard Denbin, Principal
  • Fifth Avenue Claims/Nicoletti Gonson Spinner -- Ben Gonson, Partner
  • Munich Re - Leah Spivey, Head of Business Run-Off Operations
  • O'Mara Consulting -- Connie O'Mara
  • Pepper Hamilton LLP -- Isla Long, Parther
  • ROM Re -- Marianne Petillo, President
  • Rosen Arbitration, Mediation, & Expert Witness Services -- Jonathan Rosen
  • Swiss Re -- Stacey Schwartz, Senior Counsel
  • Mayer Brown -- David Alberts, Partner and Richard Dodge, Partner
  • White and Williams LLP -- Daryn Rush, Partner; Ellen Burrows, Counsel; and, Justin Fortescue, Counsel

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