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Taking and Defending Depositions

A Practical look at the battleground of civil litigation

Pennsylvania Bar Institute | March 6,15, 23 and April 17, 2012

Michelle Coburn  will  participate in a seminar sponsored by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute titled, "Taking and Defending Depositions: A practical look at the battleground of civil litigation".

The Topics of the Seminar Include:

  • Why Take a Deposition: Establishing Your Objectives
  • Federal & State Rules Civil Procedure Governing Depositions in Pennsylvania
  • Deposition techniques
  • Ways to Use Deposition Testimony and Videotaped Depositions
  • Preparing a Witness for a Deposition
  • Dealing with the Hardball Litigator and Handling Objections

More information can be found on the Pennsylvania Bar Institute website.

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