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The Dark Web – Why You Need To Know About It

ABA TIPS Cybersecurity Conference (Atlanta, GA) | March 5-6, 2020

Partner Michael Kassak will moderate the panel "The Dark Web – Why You Need To Know About It" at the ABA TIPS Cybersecurity conference.

For some, the Dark Web conjures images of the medieval deep and dark forest. It is known as an underworld of organized crime, cryptocurrency, and illicit marketplaces where users may purchase drugs, guns, and stolen data, as well as guides and services for committing a variety of cybercrime. However, not all corners of the Dark Web are sinister. The Dark Web also serves as an anonymized means of communication for journalists and political dissidents living under totalitarian states. It also is a place where organizations can identify emerging risks and threats. This panel will discuss the Dark Web—its nature, uses, and marketplaces—and how organizations navigate the Dark Web for legal and illegal purposes.

Panelists include:

  • Emily Wilson, VP of Research, Terbium Labs
  • Daron M. Hartvigsen, Ankura Managing Director (Retired Special Agent; Cyber Threat & Pursuit Response)
  • Chad Hunt, Supervisor of Computer Intrusion Squad, FBI
  • Brad Gow, Global Cyber Products Leader, Sompo International

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