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Why GDPR Should Not Stifle Information Sharing

The Risk Management Society | April 16, 2019

While cyberattacks continue to increase in frequency and sophistication, organizations across all industries are working diligently to ensure their systems and data are secure. One efficient and cost-effective tool often used to mitigate the risk of a costly cyberattack is threat-information sharing.

Threat-information sharing is a vital tool in the cybersecurity arsenal. Now more than ever, it is vital that businesses employ all means necessary to protect their data. The belief that GDPR prevents threat-information sharing is an unfortunate misunderstanding. After all, threat-information sharing and GDPR have the same goals: to protect data security and individual privacy.

Rick Borden and Josh Mooney address threat-information sharing and discuss why it is lawful under GDPR in their article Why GDPR Should Not Stifle Information Sharing. 

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