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The ‘Forever Chemical’ That Will Impact the Insurance Industry for Years to Come

The Legal Intelligencer | July 26, 2021
By: Gregory S. Capps, Sara C. Tilitz and Lynndon K. Groff

Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, commonly known as PFAS, have served as a key component in numerous industrial and consumer products for decades. These “forever chemicals,” which have been associated with environmental contamination and adverse health outcomes, have garnered steadily-growing attention from regulatory authorities, the plaintiffs bar, and, by extension, the insurance industry. Bottom-line impacts could be huge. Some have already suggested that PFAS are the “next asbestos.”

Greg Capps, Sara Tilitz and Lynndon Groff discuss the basics of PFAS, the regulatory and legal landscape surrounding PFAS, and the coverage issues that PFAS implicate under these policies in their article, "The ‘Forever Chemical’ That Will Impact the Insurance Industry for Years to Come," originally published in The Legal Intelligencer.

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