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The Check is in the Mail – No Really it is!

Healthcare Talks | May 10, 2017

The Chief Patient Experience Officer at Geisinger Health System, Dr. Greg Burke, sits down with Debra Weinrich, a partner in the Healthcare Group at White and Williams. Fulfilling an evolving leadership position in health systems, Dr. Burke expands on patient experience outside of quality assurance in this podcast.

In 2015, Geisinger developed an unheard of and innovative program called Proven Experience. Geisinger’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. David Feinberg, trademarked the term and launched his belief in the concept of refunds in healthcare. The program was piloted to back surgery and gastric bypass patients, who reported to the hospital how they were doing and how satisfied they were with their experiences. The pilot was done through a mobile device app, which gave patients the ability to request a refund if they felt their service was unsatisfactory. This refund process became part of the overall patient experience promise to patients at Geisinger as they strive to be consumer and customer friendly. Geisinger believes that their Proven Experience program demonstrates a commitment to the way culture is trending.

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