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Maximizing Mandated Mediation in D&O Coverage Disputes

The D&O Diary | January 23, 2019
By: John McCarrick and Giulio Zanolla

Many D&O insurance policies include a contractual requirement that the D&O insurer and policyholder attempt a negotiated resolution, typically through mediation, of any coverage-related dispute between the parties before the parties can resort to litigation or arbitration. However, too often such requirements lead to an unproductive mediation session – not because the process is flawed, but because the parties can have unrealistic expectations about what can be achieved through a mandatory mediation process.

John McCarrick, Chair of the D&O Group and Giulio Zanolla, Principal at Zanolla Mediation, co-authored "Maximizing Mandated Mediation in D&O Coverage Disputes," a guest post published in the D&O Diary.

The authors examine the ways that parties to a D&O insurance coverage dispute can make the most of the policy-mandated mediation process. 

Read the full article. 

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