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Healthcare Talks - Podcast Series

In this series, White and Williams lawyers interview healthcare professionals and discuss issues that healthcare providers are facing today and innovations that will shape the healthcare systems of tomorrow.

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Episode 1: Evolution or Revolution: How Technology Partnerships Drive Value Based Care, Part 1

Lori Smith, Co-Chair of the Corporate and Securities Group, speaks with Unity Stoakes, President and Co-Founder of StartUp Health, a global organization leading a movement to transform health by partnering with entrepreneurs and healthcare systems on 10 Health Moonshots.

Episode 2: Medical Marijuana: Managing Expectations and Current Realities

Rosemary Schnall, Partner in the Healthcare Group, interviews Dr. Charles Pollack. Dr. Pollack leads The Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp at Thomas Jefferson University. Rosemary and Dr. Pollack discuss the Lambert Center’s role in spearheading research on the effectiveness of medical marijuana.

Episode 3: The Check is in the Mail – No Really it is!

Debra Weinrich, Partner in the Healthcare Group, speaks with Dr. Greg Burke, the Chief Patient Experience Officer at Geisinger Health System. Deb and Dr. Burke discuss the Geisinger's trademarked ProvenExperience program, the theories behind the program and its evolution. 

Episode 4: Transcending Gender in Modern Healthcare

Edward Beitz, Partner in the Healthcare Group, interviews Mimi McNichol, Director of Clinical Operations at Philadelphia FIGHT, a comprehensive health services organization providing primary care, consumer education, research, and advocacy for people living with HIV/AIDS and those at high risk. Ed and Mimi discuss the unique obstacles that transgender and gender non-conforming patients face when seeking medical care which, at times, can drive individuals away from healthcare systems.

Episode 5: Evolution or Revolution: How Technology Partnerships Drive Value Based Care, Part 2

In an earlier podcast, we heard from Unity Stoakes, Co-Founder and President of Startup Health, on the organization’s mission to build an army of healthcare innovators. In this episode, Lori Smith speaks with Dr. Howard Krein, Chief Medical Officer of StartUp Health. Lori and Dr. Krein discuss some specific innovations that are already in the marketplace and how he sees healthcare innovation affecting patient experience and care moving forward.

Episode 6: Could a Fitbit Save Your Life?

Dan Ferhat, Partner in the Healthcare Group, speaks with Dr. Vivek Sailam, a cardiologist at Associated Cardiovascular Consultants of Lourdes Medical Associates. Dan and Dr. Sailam discuss wearable technology and how data from a man’s Fitbit helped Dr. Sailam save the man’s life.

Episode 7: Crisis Communications in an Attention Deficit Age

Don Ladd, Partner in the Healthcare Group interviews Chris Lukach, President of Anne Klein Communications Group. Chris specializes in crisis communications in the healthcare industry. Don and Chris discuss Crisis Communications for Healthcare Systems during the “attention deficit age”.

Episode 8: To Err is Human, to Admit is Divine: Public Disclosure of Medical Errors

Andrew Susko, Partner in the Healthcare Group, speaks with Karen Fiumara of Brigham and Women's Hospital where Karen is the Director of Patient Safety. Andy and Karen discuss Brigham and Women’s Safety Matters blog, where they have taken transparency to a whole new level.

Episode 9: Patient Care of Constitutional Proportions: Exposure to Civil Rights Litigation

Kim Kocher and Geoff Sasso discuss circumstances involving law enforcement or other authorities where private healthcare providers may become subject to constitutional mandates.

Episode 10: Doc, You’re Addicted (to prescribing): Going Opioid Free in the ED

Kevin Cottone, Chair of the Healthcare Group, speaks with Dr. Philippe de Kerillis, an emergency medicine physician, about addictive medications prescribed to relieve patients' pain. Opioids provide physicians with an easy, fast and effective way of treating even the most severe types of pain and they have come to use them essentially automatically. The after-effects of this go-to, addict-like prescribing have contributed to the ever-growing opioid epidemic in America.

Episode 11: Dentistry Talks: Dental Industry and Health in America

Kate Woods, Counsel in the Healthcare Group, speaks with Dr. Marcy Borofsky, dentist, serial entrepreneur and dental industry thought leader, and Chris Davis, Vice President of Ancillary Services at Capital BlueCross. They discuss dental services, the correlation between dental health and positive medical outcomes, and where the American dental industry is headed from a business and health insurance perspective.

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