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Guest Post: Thinking About D&O Coverage Exclusions

The D&O Diary | August 12, 2020

The shift in market conditions has created a parallel shift in negotiating leverage; brokers are now finding it more difficult to insist on the broad scope of coverage terms available during the soft market and are spending more time and energy assembling sufficient underwriting capacity to maintain expiring tower limits. D&O underwriters are operating under tightening internal management control over corporate underwriting appetite for risks and minimum premium pricing expectations.

John F. McCarrick, Partner Chair of the Financial Lines Group and Francis Kean, Partner, Financial Lines, at McGill and Partner, co-authored "Thinking About D&O Coverage Exclusions," a guest post published in the D&O Diary.

John and Francis take a look at the state of play with respect to D&O insurance policy exclusions in light of the current market conditions, as well as the different approach to policy exclusions under U.S. and U.K. law.

Read the full article here.

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