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Eight Things I Learned Working In-House

Law Practice Today | April 14, 2016
By: Susan Fetterman

When Susan Fetterman was a senior associate in a law firm, seven or eight years out of law school, she accepted a position at a growing, privately owned company as its first in-house counsel. Her experience up until that time had been at a very large, prominent law firm and also at a small, county firm, so she knew nothing of what it was like to work for one client as an employee. Because she was the first attorney to be employed by the company, she had no role model, no training, not even a proper job description to guide her. This trial-by-fire taught her many things that have been invaluable throughout her career; things that she never would have learned if she had stayed in private practice.

Susan shares key lessons that she learned serving as in-house counsel in her article "Eight Things I Learned Working In-House."

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