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Announcing A New Bi-Weekly Publication On Insurance Coverage Issues By Randy Maniloff

October 18, 2012

It is with tremendous excitement that I write to announce the launch of my new bi-weekly insurance coverage newsletter – Coverage Opinions: Judicial Opinions Today – Impact On Counsel’s Opinions Tomorrow.

Coverage Opinions reports and provides commentary on just-issued decisions that concern numerous issues under commercial general liability and professional liability insurance policies.  A careful selection process ensures that only decisions that address coverage issues of broad interest are featured.  The content of Coverage Opinions will always be serious but the manner of reporting may be lighthearted.       

Unlike some publications that report on insurance coverage decisions that must be purchased, Coverage Opinions is free.  Unlike some publications that only tell you what the court said, Coverage Opinions tells you what it means.  

In addition to reporting and providing commentary on new liability insurance decisions, each issue of Coverage Opinions will feature an interview with a leading figure in the insurance field.  The inaugural issue checks in to see what’s on the mind of Jerry Oshinsky, who has been called “the foremost practitioner at the policyholder bar” in 2012.  The next issue of Coverage Opinions will feature an interview with another luminary in the field – Barry Ostrager, who is routinely included on lists of the top 10 trial lawyers in America and whose book Handbook on Insurance Coverage Disputes (16th Edition forthcoming) has reached legendary status.

I have authored the “Top 10 Coverage Cases of the Year” article that has appeared in Mealey’s Insurance for the past eleven years; General Liability Insurance Coverage -- Key Issues In Every State (with Prof. Jeffrey Stempel of UNLV Law School) (Oxford University Press; 2nd Edition 2012); and, for the past four years, Binding Authority, another insurance coverage newsletter.  I am very excited to embark on this next venture in the area of insurance coverage writing.

To learn more about Coverage Opinions, read the first issue here.

I hope that you find Coverage Opinions to be a valuable resource.

Thank you,


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