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  • We participate in trials, both civil and criminal, of antitrust cases.
  • We handle cases across various industries - from high tech to insurance - and size of client - from individuals to Fortune 500 companies. 

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Antitrust claims and investigations require smart, aggressive advocacy by experienced counsel. Failure to understand the full spectrum of issues can result in adverse outcomes including treble damages and injunctive relief, that can seriously affect the commercial viability of a business.

Members of our Antitrust Group have participated in trials, both civil and criminal, of antitrust cases and have counseled and presented witnesses in grand jury proceedings. The cases handled have varied as to industry - from high tech to insurance - and size of client - from individuals to Fortune 500 companies. The cases have also involved a wide range of products and services ranging from manufactured products to healthcare.

In addition to representation of clients in civil and criminal litigation, members of the practice group engaged, over many years, in counseling business clients with regard to compliance with the antitrust laws, including the perils of distribution law, communications with competitors, compliance with the Hart-Scott-Rodino Act and the various problems that arise between competitors at all levels of the chain of distribution.

While most members of the antitrust group are experienced in litigation and trial work, others are primarily business and transactional lawyers who confront antitrust issues in the handling of mergers and acquisitions, and when counseling distributors and manufacturers.. 

Representative Matters

  • Members of the group represented a biopharmaceutical company in a series of alleged class action antitrust cases involving the reverse payment settlement of patent infringement suits filed by generic drug makers
  • Represented a group of cardiologists accused by the former chairman of the department of illegally forcing the chairman from the hospital and restricting him from finding work elsewhere
  • The group has represented a national title insurance company in litigation involving alleged illegal price fixing in connection with the sale of title insurance
  • Members of the group defended manufacturer with trade secret technology in an international arbitration of antitrust claims
  • Members of the group defended a manufacturer of consumer products in litigation alleging illegal tying and bundling of products
  • Members of the group represented a medical device manufacturer in a case alleging termination of distributors in violation of the antitrust laws
  • The group defended a hospital against claims of a group boycott by a cardio-thoracic surgeon, who resigned from the hospital and was unable to obtain privileges at any of the hospitals in the area afterwards; Defense verdict  Angelico v. Lehigh Valley Hosp., 107 Fed Appx 266 (3d Cir 2004) 
  • The group represented a hospital in another antitrust case by a group of cardio-thoracic surgeons complaining about privileges which was dismissed on a preliminary motion
  • The group provided advice on possible vertical price restraints to a manufacturer in connection with its distributors


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