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Ask the Women of White and Williams

We asked women lawyers to share significant moments in their careers and advice for young women lawyers.

What Has Been the Greatest Achievement in Your Legal Career Thus Far?

Fabianna Pergolizzi, Associate, Subrogation

The most influential woman I know is Sheryl Axelrod, Esq. Sheryl has been a guiding mentor for my legal career. Her ability to uplift and empower women within the legal career truly inspires me. Throughout the many difficult situations I faced as a new practicing attorney, Sheryl’s guidance and reassurance always gave me the confidence to pull through.

Debbie Rodman Sandler, Partner, Labor and Employment

Rather than one incident, I think my “greatest achievement” has been, collectively, the times I have been able to help a client out of a potentially disastrous situation so that they are able to focus on their business. This is especially true when it is a small or family-owned company.

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