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Ask the Women of White and Williams

We asked women partners to share significant moments in their careers and advice for young women lawyers.  

What Woman Has Inspired You?

Sara Mirsky, Associate, Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith

My mom works for the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, which means I spent a lot of time with women attorneys while growing up. We went on vacation with a woman coworker’s family every summer; I would attend office events; many of my mom’s coworkers would come to my family’s annual day-after-Thanksgiving party. Being surrounded by so many women attorneys made women in the legal profession seem like a given. They were all very intelligent, thoughtful women who enjoyed their jobs and spoke positively about the challenges they faced at work. It taught me that my interests in reading and writing could be applied to the law in a rewarding way, and that I could expect to find a supportive community of smart women once I became a lawyer (I have not been disappointed).

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