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Greg Capps - Advancing Civics Education Program

Greg is a Partner who focuses his practice on complex long-tail insurance coverage and reinsurance matters. His bio is available here

Advancing Civics Education - Philadelphia Bar Association

Advancing Civics Education (A.C.E.) is a comprehensive initiative of the Philadelphia Bar Association that seeks to bring volunteer lawyers and judges into Philadelphia public high schools in order to engage in critical thinking about government, law and dispute resolution. I became involved with A.C.E. when a group of attorneys in my Cheltenham Township neighborhood decided to put a team together, seeing the program as a great way to give back to the local Philadelphia community, and it has become an extension of the philanthropic, charitable and pro bono work I have done in my adult life. I have chosen to work mostly with kids, coaching youth sports, serving on the board for my local youth sports organization and volunteering for the Support Center for Child Advocates. Working with the A.C.E. program provides me the opportunity to work with kids in a completely different facet by focusing on citizen's rights and responsibilities in the community and getting them to think critically about issues that they will be forced to face.

One of the things that my A.C.E. team does at the end of each year is take the kids on a field trip to the Criminal Justice Center. We observe hearings for a morning and then take a tour of the lock-up in the basement, before returning to White and Williams for lunch and a de-briefing of the morning hearings. While the kids enjoy our monthly lessons, the field trip provides an opportunity to think about the cross-roads they encounter and the consequences of their individual choices. 

The A.C.E. program is an excellent opportunity to truly make a difference in someone's life. The fact that White and Williams encourages our attorneys to do this type of work speaks volumes and, personally, being able to do pro bono and community service work makes me a well-rounded individual. It provides down time from the day-to-day practice of law, while at the same time offers the opportunity to work on different skill sets. Through the A.C.E. program, I am able to polish my public speaking and teaching skills which is transferable to litigation practice. Working with A.C.E. has been an incredibly rewarding experience!

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