Summer Associate Program

The summer associate program takes place in our Philadelphia office and is our primary method of lawyer recruitment.  We hire only a sufficient number of summer associates to fill future hiring needs.  No start dates have ever been deferred.  Historically, approximately 90% of our summer associates are given offers for full-time employment and almost all accept our offer.  This is a record of which we are proud.  Former summer associates have risen to and currently hold leadership positions in the Firm including department chairs and practice group chairs. 

The summer associate program is a key component in the firm's continued efforts to hire diverse attorneys.  We take great pride in working with the Philadelphia Diversity Law Group in our efforts to recruit and retain talented, diverse students.  

Because we restrict our summer program to a manageable size, we can give a high level of personal attention to each student.  The lawyers who administer the program are not overwhelmed with a large number of summer associates, enabling them to spend more time on an individual basis with each summer associate on assignments, feedback and social activities.

Great emphasis is placed on a diversity of assignments as each student rotates through the different departments during the 10 week program.  Students receive exposure to virtually all of our areas of practice.  The rotation system, while flexible to meet individual needs, provides the best opportunity for summer associates to ascertain interests and abilities in a professional environment.  Individual reviews are conducted after each rotation so students receive regular performance feedback.   A great effort is made to ensure that each summer associate attends trials, depositions, oral arguments, business closings, client meetings, etc.  A number of social activities, both informal and formal, are offered to enable the summer associate to get to know our attorneys.

White and Williams is committed to making its summer associate program as rewarding for the summer associates as possible.  We seek to hire those students with an excellent academic background and solid interpersonal skills who appear ready to handle the challenges of a sophisticated legal practice.

Some comments from past summer associates: 

  • “This firm promotes collegiality amongst its summer associates, associates and partners.  We all work together and play together!  I believe this has allowed us to grow professionally and learn the practice of law at a quicker pace.”
  • “Terrific group of attorneys, who engage in a sophisticated practice while maintaining a friendly, collegial firm culture.”
  • “The summer associate class was 50% diverse.  This illustrates that the firm is making a strong effort to attract and retain minority associates.”
  • “White and Williams is a very relaxed, friendly, supportive atmosphere.  Although it is a big firm, it does not have the typical big firm mentality.  All of the lawyers are very down to earth, family oriented people.”
  • “The firm has a comfortable and congenial culture, and everyone at the firm, from the partners to the administrative staff, all seem truly happy to be there.”
  • “A great place to work every day and a great place to build one's career.”